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  1. Managing/treating symptoms
  2. Strength Training and MND
  3. care for pwMND in A & E depts- RESOURCE
  4. "Doing" in MND - great project by OT Helen Carey
  5. Gastrostomy in MND: Progress in ProGas
  6. On matters of diet, nutrition and weight in ALS
  7. Report from the Care Practice session at the 25th Annual Sympsosium
  8. Report from the Annual Symposium - Respiratory Management
  9. Competencies for HealthCare Professionals
  10. Executive function disorders : Engaging the team
  11. VIDEO: An evaluation of the airway clearance adjuncts prescribed in an Irish ALS/MND
  12. Patient Safety Alert: Risk of death - fluid/food thickening powder
  13. Filming My Father
  14. Swollen glands and MND
  15. Patient Safety Alert: newly designed enteral administration sets
  16. Tongue / cheek biting
  17. Useful topics on the Care Forum
  18. Dislocating jaw
  19. Query on care package costings
  20. Sweaty hands
  21. Draft NICE guideline on motor neurone disease (MND)
  22. Swallowing issue
  23. Gastrostomy placement pathways
  24. Bowel Management
  25. Innovative eating support group for people with MND
  26. Improving the respiratory referral and assessment pathway
  27. Oralcare toothbrush
  28. Young Carers Support - Young Carers Awareness Day 28th Jan 2016
  29. NICE guideline on MND published
  30. NHS Continuing Healthcare - survey
  31. Wind & bloating on NIV
  32. Outcome measures
  33. Gastrostomy and trapped wind/bloating?
  34. myTube - new educational website about tube feeding
  35. Beacon Continuing Healthcare 90 minutes of advice
  36. Allied Professionals Forum 2016 - watch online
  37. The Carers’ Alert Thermometer (CAT): Identifying MND Carers’ Support Needs
  38. Families for the Treatment of Hereditary MND (FaTHoM)
  39. Welfare benefits advice service
  40. Care for patients out of office hours
  41. Remote clinics

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