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  1. Equipment loan from MND Association
  2. Wheelchairs
  3. A piece of kit to pull up bedclothes
  4. Mounts to support iPads
  5. Mobile Arm Supports MAS
  6. Head supports
  7. Camping with NIV
  8. OT MND Resource - your chance to contribute!
  9. Assistive technology and the power of voice
  10. Heads up! The Sheffield Support Snood
  11. VIDEO: Outreach service to set up non-invasive ventilation for patients at home
  12. Communication Aids
  13. Environmental Controls
  14. Mouth guards - query from a physiotherapist
  15. Monkey poles
  16. New Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Hub
  17. NEW Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Pathway for MND
  18. Communication Aids and Information Event - 22nd September 2015
  19. Development of new AAC apps - Sheffield
  20. System used by Professor Stephen Hawking is now available for free
  21. Augmentative and Alternative Communication equipment - apply for assessment kit
  22. Forehead rest
  23. SpeechBubble - online communication aids database
  24. Voice Banking - just do it!
  25. Communication Aids and Information Event - 17th March 2016
  26. Low tech communication aid kit - survey
  27. Communication Aids service at the MND Association
  28. Oral suction machine guidelines/guidance/information/pathways
  29. EMST in MND or other conditions
  30. Shoulder support ideas
  31. Hoist slings
  32. Cough assist machines
  33. Have you heard of Remap?
  34. Environmental Control services
  35. Articuloud - opportunity for free evaluation copy!
  36. Communication resources available from libraries
  37. Using a computer games controller as a computer access device
  38. Prize4Life - Assistive Technology Challenge
  39. Pulmonary physical therapy techniques to enhance survival in ALS- Systematic review.
  40. Loss of ModelTalker voice when upgrading from Predictable 4 to Predictable 5
  41. Articuloud for Android - another opportunity for free evaluation copies!
  42. Changes to ModelTalker voice banking service - charge to be introduced
  43. Voice auditioning - new feature in Modeltalker
  44. Apply for AAC assessment kit!

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