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  1. Red Flag Diagnosis Tool
  2. Help improve our MND information for professionals
  3. What do you think of the MND Just in Case Kit?
  4. New information resources for professionals
  5. New recommended reading list on nutrition
  6. NIV patients' guide from Cambridge MND Care Centre
  7. UPDATED Care information sheets on breathing and ventilation
  8. my NIV - patient and carer designed NIV web support
  9. Patient Online Services guidance from the Royal College of GPs
  10. VIDEO: New screening tool for Speech and Language Therapists
  11. Video - powered neuro wheelchair
  12. UPDATED P6 Evaluation and management of respiratory symptoms in MND
  13. Updated: Oral hygiene for people with MND
  14. Revised information about PEG and tube feeding
  15. UPDATED: MND care centres and networks
  16. NEW: information for professionals about wheelchairs for people with MND
  17. UPDATED: MND Respiratory Pathway / Share your own best practice pathways
  18. Updated: Disabled Facilities Grants
  19. How do you evaluate and gather feedback on your services?
  20. UPDATED: Guide for GPs and primary care teams
  21. Updated information sheets for people with MND
  22. NEW Translation service
  23. UPDATED: Information for professionals on cognitive change and FTD
  24. New range of care information sheets
  25. NEW information sheet on dysphagia / new online information
  26. Audit of non-invasive ventilation in the management of MND against NICE guidelines
  27. Jointly - a new app for coordinating care from Carers UK
  28. NEW College of Occupational Therapists' Practice Briefings
  29. Respiratory care best practice example: NIV action plan
  30. Care information in other languages - new sheet available
  31. *NEW* information resource about PLS
  32. MND Association Outcomes Standards
  33. NEW translated resources
  34. UPDATED MND Just in Case kit
  35. Launch of revised Understanding My Needs and new MND Checklist
  36. New resources on end of life care and MND for acute, urgent and emergency care staff
  37. NEW range of MND Association care posters
  38. NEW Care Information sheet: 10F - Your rights to social care
  39. Launch of redeveloped carer guide
  40. The Allied Health Professionals Project
  41. Cognition and the British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing Issue February/March 2016
  42. Voice banking for people with MND - information for professionals
  43. Social media - palliative and end of life care tweet chats
  44. Launch of new guide for young people affected by MND
  45. Information about sex and relationships
  46. Resources about travel, transport and planning a holiday
  47. New information sheets available
  48. Revised Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Guidelines
  49. Revised - Caring and MND: quick guide
  50. We've passed The Information Standard review for 2016
  51. NICE Quality standard on MND
  52. Revised information sheets about benefits, driving and choosing a vehicle
  53. Communicating about MND with children and young people and physiotherapy information
  54. Launch of revised workbook for children
  55. Success at the BMA Awards 2016!
  56. New MND Alert wristband
  57. UPDATED: Living with MND guide
  58. Oral suction information
  59. Head supports for people with MND
  60. New information sheet - Managing fatigue
  61. New MND training films
  62. Children and young people resources
  63. Revision of two Care Information sheets - PMA and Swallowing difficulties
  64. Emerging technology webpage
  65. Transforming MND Care - Key tool for professionals launches
  66. NEW Eating and Drinking guide
  67. New booklet: What you should expect from your care
  68. New MND guide for dentists
  69. Occupational therapy for MND
  70. Information film about digital legacy

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